Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ghost Chairs - Let in the Light !

The mix of period and contemporary styling continues in the theme for my writing today, it is such a perfect representation of our decade...but not a new one, originally inspired  by the interior designer David Hicks in the1960s as mentioned in my previous post

Classical shapes in acrylic materials demonstrate the trend for reinvention and add to a sense of surprise in opposing styling. The Ghost Chairs by Philip Starke are a great example.

Ghost Chairs give a wonderful feeling of space and light in a room, 
and contrast well with natural materials 

My favourite use of a singular transparent chair has to be in this wonderful bathroom, 
and practical too. They contrast beautifully with authentic crystal chandeliers, 
from acrylic to glass.

The interior above, is a wonderful example of a light filled room where chairs would normally block the light, but the Ghost chairs filter the light.

....and a perfect choice for weddings

I have found a source for the  Ghost Chairs by Philip Starke  
A perfect example where a design becomes a timeless classic.
Via; Lakeland Furniture
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  1. This is master piece of designing the hall for wedding and the parties .

    Landscape designs

  2. Hi, thank you for following me ! and now I am your newest follower too.
    I live in Buenos Aires but we are moving back to the US and I plan on having at least one "Ghost" chair in my new home. We are looking for an old/historic home so the old and new will be a great blend, I hope !

  3. More versatile than I first thought! I recently saw this... - what are your thoughts on these more colourful updates? I somehow think they should be left neutral colours because that's what gives it the whole 'ghost' effect. But I think they could add a splash of colour to a room.


Thank you for your inspiring words No21x