Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Do I Paint it or leave as Wood? Seven Tips

Painted furniture is here to stay for a while longer  - the trend will evolve into more decorative looks and will reign as a style until at least 2023 - it won't die completely, but another trend will overtake. One of the reasons it will stay mainstream is our desire for ‘ light’ - painted furniture helps lighten a room, particularly kitchens and bathrooms.
As a general rule, No21 Interiors never paint beautiful wood, only pieces that are veneered, new, uninteresting or damaged. (watch out the second generation of strippers who will reveal the patches of filler!)
We have always created a polished finish to painted furniture or used limewashed finishes. I must admit I don't like the culture of badly painted furniture. Preparation and finish are paramount unless you can create a genuine aged French or Scandinavian finish.

Wood has never disappeared as a look; antique pine is still selling, but it tends to be in rural areas rather than cities. Trends such as Industrial or Eco-couture - empower natural as beautiful.
If you are undecided whether to paint or leave it s wood, here are seven ideas;

1. Combine a painted finish with wood i.e. paint the legs and leave the wooden top – this creates light and illusion of space in the room and focuses the eye on the beauty of the natural wood surface.
2. Combine wooden furniture and painted furniture in the same room.

3. If it is naturally beautiful with a fabulous patina - don't paint it ... or strip it back for raw luxury.
5. Lime washing exposes the wood grain, mainly wood that isn't at its best. A very practical finish, great in kitchens.
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6. If it is a large piece of furniture and you have a dark room consider painting it.
7. I would not paint dark blackened or aged wood as it can look fabulous against pure white walls, creating a contemporary mood.

The most important advice is to go with your gut feeling and create your individual style and nest. Surround yourself with the things you love and cherish.  No21 Painting x

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