Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Timeless Painted Kitchens

Plain English Kitchens, a timeless investment. Paintwork in tones of greige & pure white. A modern classic design.
A touch of Olivia, olive plants and grey-green hues look fabulous in the kitchen Bx

1. Plain English kitchen - Cornish Holiday Home www.plainenglishdesign.co.uk
2. Glass cabinet -white china - image via cucariera.blogspot.co.uk
3. Green/grey colour palette www.no21.co.uk
4. Plain English kitchen -  Sussex Park House www.plainenglishdesign.co.uk
5. Photograph-olive tree josevillablog.com
6. Olivia sign - www.pinterest.com/GewoonYvon

If I have featured your photograph and you would like it removed, please contact me and I will remove it without hesitation. Alternatively,  I hope you will view my blog as a positive  advertising platform for your beautiful work. Bx

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