Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Model Watch ❤

Christian-Jibril Photography

Eighteen year old Rebecca Chelsea Elizabeth Bailey
models for Vogue, Zara and Toni & Guy. 
A natural beauty, multi-lingual with a versatile portfolio, from catwalks to photographic shoots.

Vogue model, Rebecca Chelsea Elizabeth Bailey will be modelling at the 
'Real Women' fashion show by Anna Perra. 
Spotted in the audience last year, she commended Anna and her real women models..... professional catwalk models are  briefed to be expressionless - the focus is on the fashion. Anna's fashion concept embraces the women who wear the clothes, making women feel confident.

Rebecca loves the concept and has volunteered to support the charity fashion show at Ston Easton Park 14th May 2015. 
Anna is thrilled that a professional model will be supporting her 'Real Women' concept which she is developing as a brand.

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