Saturday, 2 February 2013

French Romantic Bedrooms - Misty Mauve

1. Classic painting Bernardino Luini Madonna and child via 
2. Draped Bed via zsazsabellagio 
3. Nimue Smit by Peter Hapak and Marton Periaki for The Room
4. Oversized Georgian portrait
5. Amethyst Photograph Bx Ollis-Blackwell
6. Bedroom with wall light via
7. Purple Lingerie
8. Bedroom Chateau De Moissac

Romantic bedrooms with a French feel, misty hues of mauve and faded amethyst. Feminine and seductive. Large oversized classic portraits. Faded grandeur.



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    1. It is wonderful to know which posts appeal. Thank you for taking time to add your inspiring words Bx

  2. Beautiful,every single picture and together beyond beautiful!!!
    Tove :)

    1. I love to showcase and commend beautiful work. Creating mood is my passion, so pleased to inspire, I value your comments. Bx


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