Saturday, 29 December 2012

Time Worn Treasures

Our room is an evolving space for an eclectic mix of historical finds. It is a functional room with raw wooden floor boards, a plain wall for photography and space for painting furniture for It was quickly transformed from a workshop to a dining room for our family gathering at Christmas. I have chosen twelve treasures to represent the twelve months of 2012
Left to Right
1. Glass display cupboard with original glass and paintwork, used for my collection of shoes dated from 1700's 
2. 1930's snake shoes with marcasite brooch and a pair of early shoe buckles.
3. One of my two treasured cats, Cashmere always gets in front of the camera 
4. Time worn, decorative architectural plaster 
5. An original study drawing, the detail is extremely - uncertain of artist or date 
6. Tiny shoes, so intricate in detail  approx 1700's and 1900's
7. Our first and only chandelier in the house. I love the crown shape at the top and its time worn appearance.
8. A lead rose 'such a contradiction'
9. A large mauve coloured chandelier piece - Just imagine the chandelier it came from
10. A grey stone with Amethyst inside
11. Fallen Angel, a Christmas gift made by Niki from Nostalgia at No1 every angel is unique and carefully made using antique lace and trims.
12. Ivy twigs with Christmas decorations

To all my readers, family and friends, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have an exciting New Year!


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