Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Simple, Perfect Wrapping for Christmas

1. Black & linen stripe ribbon pinterest.com  
2 Brown paper black ribbon and fir www.michaelgraydon.ca 
3. Black and white stripe ribbon prettypeachpeonies.tumblr.com 
4. Star tag, black & white print centre elisabethheier.blogspot.co.uk 
5. Trio of presents www.79ideas.org 
6. Brown paper and rafia nicholeheady.typepad.com 
7. Brown paper glitter ribbon prettystuff.tumblr.com 
8. Micro geometric print wrapping maruska21.blogspot.co.uk 
9. Wood grain paper and copper bow utes scrapblog.blogspot.co.uk 
10. Brown wrap and gold glitter ribbon brunchatsaks.blogspot.co.uk 
11. Brown paper with name labels blogs.babble.com
12. Brown paper with cut-out letters theenchantedhome.blogspot.co.uk 
13. Box with mistletoe cut-outs simpleblueprint.typepad.com 
14. White paper with eucalyptus stem simpleblueprint.typepad.com 

If I have used an image that belongs to you please let me know and I will link  or remove the image Bx


  1. Beautiful, everyone of them ! I like your views on Christmas
    It is both simple, natural and elegant. Very pretty.

    ~ Aina ~

  2. Amazing ideas! Especcialy in brown paper. I love it!

  3. Lovely ideas for wrapping gifts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Some great ideas here.
    Might just pinch one or two!
    Have a lovely day,
    Liz x


Thank you for your inspiring words No21x