Friday, 12 October 2012

A Calm Palette for Children

LEFT to RIGHT 1. Camper and bus wallpaper 2. Boy in plane photo 3. Yellow spot cardi 4. Jogger bottoms 5. Bookcase 6.Baby in hooded cardi via 7. Knitted toys  8. Knitted cardi 9.Girls wardrobe photo 10. Tree wallpaper 11. Dolls pram 12.Star paper www.osborneandlittle.com13. Smock dress 14. Baby on chair via pinterest.com15. Room in grey 16. Girl in grey via 
17. Clothes line photo 
18.Plaid dress with frill 19. Cat wallpaper 20.Frill skirt 21. Room with animal wall stickers 

The calm tones of pale grey, white, shell pink and graphite. Simple graphics, tone on tone, spots and plaids, a season of calm uncluttered simplicity for children.