Thursday, 27 September 2012

Inspiration from the garden for Christmas

1. White living room photographer Kate Sears via 2. Bay leaf candle decoration. Image  © Frédéric Lucano, Marie Claire Idées  3. Gift wrap idea  4. Door wreath via 5. Linen with green cotton trim gardening bag.  6. Garden  tools  7.  Log basket. Kwon Jae Min.  8. Gardening apron chinoisery design.  9. Hessian sack.  10. Gift wrapping with satin ribbon image 11. Christmas tree image via 12. Plants on bench image via. 

An early preview of Christmas. I have found a few ideas to remind us of our 'green' conscience, looking to the garden for inspiration at Christmas. Greenery from conifer sprigs to scented bay is the most cost effective way to adorn a room for this joyous season. There is so much inspiration and choice on-line, to inspire garden related gifts, tool bags, garden tools and gardening aprons. Fair trade garden equipment is perfect for any eco friendly gardening enthusiast. I love the Hessian sack which could be used to wrap the gifts with a lovely olive green satin ribbon and some conifer sprigs ...then re-used as a gift for the garden. Alternatively, the basket could be filled as a gardening hamper.

 A collection of early thoughts and inspiration from the garden for Christmas.


  1. You've used the dreaded 'C' word, and it's only September still!!
    Great images though.
    Have a lovely week,

  2. Usually I avoid the 'C' word until the week before Christmas. This year, with our shop at I have to start planning how I'm going to decorate the showroom....I have gone to the other extreme! Thank you for your comments Bx

  3. Thank you for sharing the nice "C" inspirations with much green - I like the idea of
    winter-garden-christmas... So I look forward searching for green decorationmaterial in my garden.
    Have a nice weekend Iris


Thank you for your inspiring words No21x