Wednesday, 12 September 2012

English Country Living

Bedroom photo via; Elle Decor
When I think about British country style the thought of the British brand Mulberry 
comes to mind, founded by Roger Saul who owns Kilver Court (No21 showroom
An example of this interior style can be found at Charlton House 
Textured and warm brown tones, classic shapes - modernised
The Mulberry concept originated mixing traditional fabrics, plaids, tweed and wools. Leather was a key material
Today there is a revival, using plaids and tweeds in upholstery.

My favourite interior styling is combines plaid with white walls for a fresh new look

Checks and plaids in British made wool
Earthy brown tones - natural materials
I have found a selection of chairs to create this English country style look 


  1. How gorgeous! I love that manly, slightly Ernest Hemingway-esque look. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. I like your description! Thank you for visiting


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