Tuesday, 24 April 2012

No21 Interior Style board - British Luxury

1. Reclaimed Pine Stool www.no21.co.uk 2. Ceramic Candle Grey Artichoke www.no21.co.uk 3. Cushion small wool plaid fringe www.no21.co.uk 4. Cushion Wool Plaid Fringe with Fur Fabric Trim www.no21.co.uk  5. Natural Shed Antler Chandelier www.no21.co.uk 6. Handpainted Linen Chest of Draw with high quality distressed finish www.no21.co.uk 7. Photo via  msteffensinteriors.com 8. Antique Linen www.appleyhoareantiques.com

No21 showroom at www.kilvercourt.com